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N*E*R*D on MTV Spring Break

check these out, some videos of N*E*R*D performing at spring break. I have a feeling these guys have a new website (and perhaps a game) coming soon?

“Soldier” Feat. Santigold (Live)

“Everyone Nose (Live)”

“Spaz (Live)” * mtvU Exclusive

Public Enemy and The Roots

I haven’t watched the new Jimmy Fallon show, but I’m a big Roots fan and I keep seeing clips of different musical performances. Thinking I may have to start recording this for the music. Here’s a great performance of PE and The Roots performing Bring Tha Noize last night.

Flav looks a little tired, but yesterday was his 50th birthday, so we’ll give him a break!

Common talks Softwear

A few months ago I mentioned a release party I was at for Common’s collaboration with Microsoft on the Softwear line. Here’s a spot with him talking about the thoughts behind it…

Pharrell talks Artst on current

Pharrell did a nice little piece on Current a few days ago, talking about the inspiration behind (formerly known as Heywire.) The site has been blowing up this month, a huge flood of new members and artwork and always inspiring stuff to check out. If you haven’t yet, get in on that!