Founded in 1999, FISHBUCKET is based in Brooklyn, NY. It’s a full-service web design studio that specializes in producing innovative, immersive websites for brands and individuals in the music, sports and entertainment industries. Current and past clients include The Alchemist, Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream, Common, Dilated Peoples, Gilbert Arenas, Hollywood Records, Robot Films and Star Trak Entertainment.

Fishbucket is led by Stephen R. King and Christopher Najewicz, a.k.a. Steve and Chief. They are fans of music, computers, design, beer, bobbleheads, business clowns, blaxploitation movies and bacon. They are not fans of mint (steve) or packing peanuts (chief).


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  1. Dashiell Yarnold says:

    My friends and I have recently began designing apparel and we have not developed a website yet. After seeing the amazing Billionaire Boys Club website, we became extremely intrested in finding the developer, As we are only 13 years of age. We were hoping that you guys would like to develop our website as well. We can negocciate pay if you are intrested.
    Best Regards
    -Triangle Custom

  2. hi says:

    hi, after seeing your post about needing a developer i was wondering what kind of money you plan on paying in? like lunch money, allowance money, money form your paper route or maybe monopoly money? maybe you are from a wealthy family? i mean how many twinkies do you think it takes to make a website?

  3. Manzi (C.O.D.E records) says:

    Hi, I was wondering how much money it is for you to make a website for me. I saw some of your projects like pro era, big krit and dj premier, and I was interested if you could make a website for me and my group. Reply asap. Thanks

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